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Archive for May 2016

029 CW pt 2 Astrella Celeste & Jason Rothberg 7 May 2016

Astrella Celeste & Jason Rothberg ( are visionaries – they combine music, art and fashion preserving a pieces of music history. Both have family trees that find roots in the music world. Astrella is the daughter of music icon, Donovan. Using high-quality materials in combination with technology, Astrella and Jason have taken this¬†opportunity to celebrate…

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029 CW 7 May 2016 Artist Laura Janes

Laura Janes ( paints the small things in a big way.¬†For Janes, nature is an endless, complex seduction, resulting in art that is always an affair of the heart, presented with attraction, enchantment, and acute clarity. She works primarily in acrylic on canvas as well as in watercolor, and occasionally creates mixed media pieces using…

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