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Archive for November 2016

55 CWR pt 2 11-19-2016 Wendy Wonder

Welcome to the pin head world of Wendy Wonder! Poltical, satirical, irreverent and approachable, the work of Wendy Wonder spans several decades and continues to be a commentary on the world we liv sin. Her work is currently at Trenz Gallery, 68895 Perez Road, Cathedral City CA

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55 CWR 11-19-2016 Pt 1 Terry Hastings – Beyond Hockney

Terry Hastings’ new show BEYOND HOCKNEY is currently at Colliding Worlds Fine Art Gallery, 68-895 Perez Rd, I 13, Cathedral City, CA (  Terry continues to grow and challenge himself as artist. This work takes what Hockney created, joiners, and brings the concept to a new level as only Terry could.

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54 CWR 11-12-2016 Pt 2 Muralist Keith Blum

Keith Blum, creates space where there is only a wall, illusion where there is nothing and art that defies the eye. Keith is an artist who creates magnificent works of murals and trompe d’oeil. Keith’s work is complex and his vision can take you anywhere – from vineyard to a log cabin. For more information…

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53 CWR Pt 2 11-5-2016 Erika Lizee

Erika Lizee ( takes the intricacies of our world and translates them into wonders of art. She captures the fluid and impermanent nature of reality to create her work. Her perceptions of life will challenge the viewers perception of what is – or is not.

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53 CWR Pt 1 11-5-2016 Artist Camilla Taylor

Born in California, but grew up in the conservative Mormon town of Provo, UT Camilla Taylor is an artist with amazing depth – her work is provocative, exciting and challenging. For more  in depth information

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