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29 b 8 December 2018 The Writers

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Take three very dynamic women, put them together and hear them speak about their passion for writing. These women believe in the written word and have devoted their energies to writing children and young adult books.

Rose King, is a blind author, teaching of tolerance in her Woozie the Bunny book.

Karen Morison-Knox aka Ariella Moon, has written a series of books for young readers. Her books create magical worlds and paranormal love stories.

Ruthie Kritzik-Gassner creates magical creatures that charm children and adults alike. The story book has a new meaning in her hands!



Ariella Moon                                                         Rose King                                    Ruthie Kritzik-Gassner

About the author, Angela

Angela Valente Romeo, is former NY& CA attorney. She is currently working as actor, model, artist and host/producer, Colliding Worlds Podcast, an hour of art and conversation. She also writes, producer, directs and stars in the series ALWAYS HERE - A MOTHER'S LOVE, now streaming on Amazon Prime. Her life has always been about art and how it interacts with our world.

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