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31 CW pt 1 BLAM -The Aperture Exhibition w/Peter Hickok 5/21/2016

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BLAM is the acronym for the art movement, Brooklyn Los Angeles Meet. The latest collaboration is Aperture, which opens June 4th at the BLAM Gallery, 1950 S. Santa Fe Ave., #207, in Los Angeles. Featuring four Brooklyn artists and four Los Angeles artists the exhibition runs though June 26.

Artist Peter Hickok curated the exhibition. It features work from artists Robert Acklen, Ariel Brice, Hannah Greely, Kio Griffin, Alissa Polan, Rachel Mica Weiss, Shirley Tse, Joe Wolek and Lena Wolek.

The exhibition, Aperture, concerns the objective and the representation. “Using tactics from painting and sculpture, to video and photography, each work questions the creation process of meaning as it is translated between image and object. An aperture can be thought of not only as a space through which light passes to create a photograph but also as the opening through which an idea takes shape as it moves back and forth between two and three dimensions,” explained Peter Hickok.

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Angela Valente Romeo, is former NY& CA attorney. She is currently working as actor, model, artist and host/producer, Colliding Worlds Podcast, an hour of art and conversation. She also writes, producer, directs and stars in the series ALWAYS HERE - A MOTHER'S LOVE, now streaming on Amazon Prime. Her life has always been about art and how it interacts with our world.

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