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33 CW pt 2 Jilda Schwartz & Meg Walling 6-4-2016

The Saguaro, located in central Palm Springs, has announced that it will feature area artists Jilda Schwartz and Meg Walling in an exhibition that will open on June 8 and run through the end of July.

Jilda Schwartz works in various medium. She is drawn to abstract patterns, shapes and color as kinetic narrative of emotional activity, a driving force directing the execution of paint to canvas. She is a graduate of Art Center College of Design, and has worked as an art director and illustrator in film and print. She has also taught painting, drawing and mixed media at private and public schools in the Los Angeles area.

Meg Walling’s work is an ongoing exploration of environment, inspired by nature and by visual recollections and impressions of people. Meg combines the literal and the emotional and making the local global. Using experience as a starting point only, it is important to her that the work is not journalistic, but suggestive of mystery, playfulness, irony, and the perceptual experience of pleasure.

salton_sea_small_08 Jilda Schwartz Р


Salton_Sea_64_24x30_inches_Acrylic_on_Canvas__Meg Walling –

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