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38 CWR Pt 2 7-16-2016 Tiny Solar Homes Michael Chance & Artist Katie Dunkle

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We continue our discussion about solar and art!

Solar Power is on the forefront of clean renewable energy. What happens when solar becomes mobile? Michael Chance and Katie Dunkle are on a year long cross country trip in solar powered mobile home.

Michael is the principal of Chance Marketing group. “Solar is a clean energy solution. It has unlimited potential. Traveling in this affordable solar mobil house proves how adaptable solar power can be. We are traveling cross country. Along the way we have countless opportunities to show people that traveling solar isn the next big thing. People are curious and want to know more about solar and tiny solar homes. As we travel, Katie and I both continue to work and play, using solar as our primary energy source.”

Katie Dunkle may be traveling in a tiny mobil solar house but she continues to create art. “The cross country trip allows me to be influenced by variety of landscape, art and environments. Each place is unique. My work is influence by all that I see. Living in a smaller space does have an influence on how I work. My inspiration – the random and subconscious act of image making – remains unchanged but constantly challenged.

For more about Katie’s work visit www.kdunkle,com

To follow Katie and Michael’s journey and to learn more about solar, visit

The+Tiny+Solar+Powered+House katie Dunkle

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Angela Valente Romeo, is attorney, jewelry designer, actor, model, artist and host/producer, Colliding Worlds TV, an art documentary in a 30 minute format, and Colliding Worlds Radio, an hour of art and conversation. Her life has always been about art and how it interacts with our world. She is active in the Greater Palm Springs art community. Angela resides, the four Ps: Peyton, Parry , Pryce and Phred.

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