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52 CWR 10-29-2016 Pt 2 Jennifer Celio

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Contemporary artist Jennifer Celio discusses the diversity of her work. A Southern California native  drawings manipulate perception, creating fantastical iterations in which artificial and natural imagery fuse to become newly impossible scenes. She recently was part of the popular BLAM exhibition, Curiouser and Curiouser.


About the author, Angela

Angela Valente Romeo, is attorney, jewelry designer, actor, model, artist and host/producer, Colliding Worlds TV, an art documentary in a 30 minute format, and Colliding Worlds Radio, an hour of art and conversation. Her life has always been about art and how it interacts with our world. She is active in the Greater Palm Springs art community. Angela resides, the four Ps: Peyton, Parry , Pryce and Phred.

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