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Posts by Angela Valente-Romeo

Gary Schneeberger – Author, PR Guru, Film Aficionado

  Gary Schneeberger has been helping authors, experts, speakers, consultants and organizations build and execute PR strategies and  communications practices to make news that matters and help  grow brand media presence. His guidebook, Bite the Dog, combines over 30 years of wit and wisdom  through stories from his journalism and marketing careers to show anyone how…

Dawn Gilliam – Date My Make-up & The Art Of Continuity

This entrepreneur has worn many hats. She has danced in Thailand. She was on a member of the original “Embraceable Ewes,” the first LA Rams cheerleading squad. Dawn is an actor and a much sought-after script supervisor. In fact she created A demanding course to train others to work as script supervisor, (aka a…

The Magic of Dean Apple – 19 May 2021

  Dean Apple is not your your average artist – not at all! He is a master of illusion, close-up magic and fun! Dean is an engaging personality and is one of those people who will leave a wonderful impression! For more on Dean Apple visit

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29 d 8 December 2018 The Writers

Melody Cohn is an apt name for this artist and spiritual guide. Using mediation and study of Chakras, Melody bring a unique approach to art and the art of centering.

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