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22 Sept 2018 d Andrea Raft and The Ampersand Challenge

What happens when artists and art suppliers get together? They create ART! Andrea Raft is part of group that is interpreting a different word for 12 months. The works are on Ampersand Boards and are featured on the company website. Andrea explains how the project evolved and why the challenge is a challenge for her!

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22 Sept 2018 c Highway 62 Artist Scott Lloyd Doten

What can’t Artist Scott Lloyd Dotten create? Not too much! This amazing artist is part of the Highway 62 Open Studio Art Tours. At his studio Scott will showcase his large and small sculptural work as well as interactive installations  and paintings.  

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22 Sept 2018 a Hwy 62 Kathi Klopfenstein Fiber Designs

Fiber Artist Kathi Klopfenstein  joins the upcoming Highway 62 Open Studio Art Tours. Taking her cue from the world of nature, Kathi creates intricate work of beauty.

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15 Sept 2018 d Cybele Rowe Artist in Concrete

Artist Cybele Rowe gives another dimension to size and space. Her works defy categorization – there is no category broad enough to cover the work of this artist, sculpture, ceramist, painter. She joins the 2018 Hwy 61 Open Studio Art Tours.  

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