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55 CWR pt 2 11-19-2016 Wendy Wonder

Welcome to the pin head world of Wendy Wonder! Poltical, satirical, irreverent and approachable, the work of Wendy Wonder spans several decades and continues to be a commentary on the world we liv sin. Her work is currently at Trenz Gallery, 68895 Perez Road, Cathedral City CA

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55 CWR 11-19-2016 Pt 1 Terry Hastings – Beyond Hockney

Terry Hastings’ new show BEYOND HOCKNEY is currently at Colliding Worlds Fine Art Gallery, 68-895 Perez Rd, I 13, Cathedral City, CA (¬†¬†Terry continues to grow and challenge himself as artist. This work takes what Hockney created, joiners, and brings the concept to a new level as only Terry could.

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